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So… I’m at work and bored. I’m feeling a little gloomy to be honest. I’m rifling through my iPod to find something to make me smile when I hit on the perfect thing…  Casee Wilson.

Ok.. technically that was the start of a post I drafted a while ago whilst bored at my desk. Unfortunately I never managed to finish it. However, the lady herself released her debut self-released album on Friday which gives me a perfect opportunity to review it. I’m trying to do more reviews and this is the perfect place to start.

Firstly an introduction. Casee Wilson is a York based singer-songwriter. She plays piano, she sings, she writes her own music. She records in one half of her front room, now known as Tiny Cat Studios. She has a website, two cats and writes about such diverse subjects as string, zombies and catnip. She is also beautiful, engaging and very very good live. She has just released Beggars & Blues which is available through her website, amazon, iTunes and cdBaby.

The album is 11-tracks long, starts with Beggars at the Feast and ends with Midnight Blues bookending the songs in between. I would, however, recommend letting the final track run until the cd stops spinning lest you miss a treat. The tracks flow together taking the listener on a journey from motherly advice and the joys of summer to heartbreak and betrayal via a very strange farm indeed. The mix of upbeat songs to those of more melancholy tone is pretty much perfect, never letting one mood or style dominate the experience. I’m not sure I could pick a favourite track as I have a soft spot for them all. I love the simplicity of Midnight Blues in which Casee harmonises with herself unaccompanied demonstrating just how good a vocalist she is. Sound Advice is all about breaking expectations and being who you want to be despite what other people tell you which resonates particularly with me. On Tim Burton’s Farm calls to mind piroutting cows (you’ll understand when you hear it) with the haunting flute enhancing the gothically magical feel. Did I Tell You and Fade to Grey both speak of broken relationships whilst I Don’t Want You Anymore takes a more positive stance. The music ranges from Tori Amos-esque girl-with-piano style to a more bluesy, sultry feel seamlessly with Casee’s voice equally confident, strong and full of depth no matter what the style. The harmonies are always flawless and I especially like those on False Alarm and Did I Tell You. This is an awesome showcase for Casee’s talent both as a musician and a songwriter and hopefully a sign of more great things to come.