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Another month, another brigits_flame assignment which I am again attempting to finish. Last months attempt was scuppered by spilling tea on my netbook’s keyboard and being away in London for the duration of the first week. As such I was stuck in the big smoke with my half finished writing trapped on a computer which wouldn’t let me sign in thanks to a combination of Yorkshire Tea, sugar and milk corrupting my keyboard. Thankfully it is now operational again due to a shiny new replacement keyboard and I am now being much more careful with hot, sweet liquids whilst typing.

Once again though a deadline is looming and I’m filled with a sense of apathy. I like my character, I have a clear image of what she looks like. I like the world I am creating for her. I am struggling  however, with getting the story across. I’m also at the stage of deleting a huge chunk and starting again. I may come back to my other character and I may come back to this world but for now it is seeming too big for what was intended to be a sort of dark fairy story. Far too big. I need to strip back and find what my plan was to begin with. And right soon now as the clock ticks on.