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Ok… so I totally failed to keep up with this month’s brigits_flame competition. This was largely through life getting in the way as it so often does. I also find it harder at times to write to a specific prompt. Of course, this is why I sign up to these things, to get me into the habit of being able to write about anything or to take an idea and put some kind of spin on it. The oil and vinegar prompt didn’t really grab me and the idea of writing about relationships is a romantic sense seemed a little cliché. My sole idea was about a married man who wakes up dreaming about having an affair with someone. It later becomes apparent that this someone is a male colleague who is also married and the idea being that in reality this fantasy relationship can’t exist – like oil and vinegar they can’t mix together and the protagonist is content with his dreams. Not as clichéd as it could be but still.

I am still writing though. I have a tentative idea rolling around in my head from Midsummer inspired by the emotions smell can conjure up and this weekend whilst travelling around the country I have been working on a piece that has been rumbling around form ages. I know how it ends and the first draft is almost done. The danger with knowing the ending is that I rush to get there, hence why this is most definitely a first draft. It’s a strange piece in that it’s told from one person’s perspective with very little dialogue. Some it it is addressed to the other main character and as always I’ve got to watch my tenses. I’m terrible for switching tenses during a piece without realising it. Sometimes it is intentional and can work but most of the time it’s down to my lack of proper grammar knowledge. Grammar is something that is taught badly in schools, I think. Certainly when I was there many moons ago and I still agonise over punctuation and tenses as a result. At the end of the day if it sounds good to me I leave it. I’ll be an editor’s nightmare, I’m sure.

I’ll hopefully get some older pieces posted on here. I’m not sure how to go about it. Should I add them as new posts or create a new page for each piece. I shall ponder.


‘blood on blood’

Posted: June 7, 2009 in writing stuff

New post up on the brigits_flame assignment page. June’s competiton is off to it’s start and whilst I was unsure of my entry to start with, maybe it has some potential and merit. Who knows? Only time will well.

The June prompt is out and full of possibilities as ever. I’m never sure whether it is better to have one idea or many at this stage. One idea leads me to being more focused on that single premise and gets me thinking straight away about how it can be worked and written. Multiple possibilities lead me to spend too long thinking about the relative merits of each idea… sometimes t the extent that I end up starting the actual writing far too late! It also means I have to make more decisions… never my strong point.

Week one’s prompt is ‘Ranch’ which to an ‘ole country gal like me (yep, that’s right Yorkshire is now somewhere in the American Mid-West) conjures up images of sprawling buildings, the scent of horses, cowboy boots and plaid shirts, open plains and even the odd stetson. At this point I should confess… I listen to country music and have a fair amount of skill at line dancing. So shoot me.

It’s an obvious thread but one which could be twisted and given a darker edge maybe. I’m thinking of something which maybe seems all-American west on the surface with something running underneath, or maybe a completely overt subversion of the homestead  ideal.

This is probably one to mull over for a while. Ideas are forming though which is always a good start.