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Yes, it really has.

Life has somewhat intruded of late with various illnesses and stresses to the extent that not much has happened in a creative sense of late. That is soon to be remedied however. I have signed up to the June’s brigits_flame contest and I have high hopes of actually writing something this month. The prompt will be released tomorrow so watch this space.

I have some ideas floating around like spectral threads in my mind… they come to nothing but there is potential there and at this stage that is all I can ask for. I’m hoping to entice my muse out to play with offers of cake and lashings of ginger beer. Guess who has been re-reading Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series 😉

So… not much to report on the creative front but lots of other random stuff such as comedic exchanges with A&E staff and going to town to buy antihistamines and coming back with a Wii which I won’t bore you with. Instead I shall depart and try and hunt down that pesky muse….